Thyrocare Rate List Now Starting @ Rs.600 to Rs.2400 | 2021 Updated Chart

Thyrocare Rate List
Thyrocare (Rate List) Rate Chart near you of different packages with their costs is given below:

Prices are subject to change from time to time.

Cheapest Thyrocare Profile Rate List with Offers Applied:
Latest Profile We Offer Are As Follows :

Profile NamesProfile ParametersProfile Cost#
Liver Function Tests11 Tests Rs. 400More Info
T3-T4-TSH3 Tests Rs. 600More Info
TSH-LH-FSH-PRL4 Tests Rs. 600More Info
Vitamin Profile5 Tests Rs. 1000More Info
Vitamin D Profile3 Tests Rs. 900More Info
Cholesterol Profile8 Tests Rs. 400More Info
Kidney Function Tests5 Tests Rs. 300More Info
Paleo Basic79 Tests Rs. 1700More Info
Paleo A91 Tests Rs. 2500More Info
Aarogyam C64 Tests Rs. 1300More Info
Aarogyam B Huge Discount going on!61 Tests Rs. 1100More Info
Aarogyam X129 Tests Rs. 3500More Info
Diabetic Basic63 Tests Rs. 1300More Info
Aarogyam 1.7102 Tests Rs. 3100More Info
COVID ANTIBODY - GT2 Rs. 800More Info
Fever Profile3 Tests Rs. 500More Info
Aarogyam 1.496 Tests Rs. 2150More Info
Aarogyam 1.599 Tests Rs. 2550More Info
Aarogyam 1.390 Tests Rs. 2400More Info
Aarogyam 1.283 Tests Rs. 1650More Info
Advanced Full Body Checkup70 Tests Rs. 899More Info
Comprehensive Full Body Checkup79 Tests Rs. 1299More Info
Winter Care Health Checkup27 Tests Rs. 799More Info
Basic Health Checkup47 Tests Rs. 849More Info
Diabetes Comprehensive Health Checkup72 Tests Rs. 2990More Info
Preliminary Health Checkup with Covid Antibody45 Tests Rs. 1149More Info
Master Checkup (Female)82 Tests Rs. 1499More Info
Master Checkup (Male)82 Tests Rs. 1499More Info
Preliminary Health Checkup44 Tests Rs. 599More Info
Comprehensive Full Body Checkup with Vitamin D + B12 and Covid Antibody80 Tests Rs. 1999More Info
Basic Health Checkup with Covid Antibody48 Tests Rs. 1249More Info
Comprehensive Full Body Checkup77 Tests Rs. 1099More Info
Advanced Full Body Checkup with Covid Antibody71 Tests Rs. 1299More Info
Non-Fasting Health Checkup44 Tests Rs. 799More Info
Comprehensive Full Body Checkup with Vitamin D78 Tests Rs. 1299More Info
Covid-19 Health Checkup (Post Recovery)63 Tests Rs. 1299More Info
Healthy Lung & Body Checkup50 Tests Rs. 999More Info
Cv Total Antibody + Cv IgG Antibody2 Tests Rs. 1499More Info
Diabetes Screening2 Tests Rs. 549More Info
Arthritis Screening28 Tests Rs. 1199More Info
Female Hormonal Profile4 Tests Rs. 999More Info
PCOD Screening6 Tests Rs. 1499More Info
Immunity Health Checkup24 Tests Rs. 599More Info
Cancer Screening - Female2 Tests Rs. 599More Info
Cancer Screening - Male2 Tests Rs. 699More Info
Fever Screening46 Tests Rs. 999More Info
Alcohol Impact Checkup50 Tests Rs. 1499More Info
T3-T4-TSH3 Tests Rs. 399More Info
Vitamin Screening2 Tests Rs. 699More Info
Comprehensive PCOD profile7 Tests Rs. 1799More Info
Covid Antibody IgG1 Tests Rs. 449More Info
Covid Total Antibody (IgG + IgM)2 Tests Rs. 849More Info
CBC20 Tests Rs. 299More Info
Lipid Profile6 Tests Rs. 499More Info
Liver Function Test10 Tests Rs. 549More Info
Kidney Function Test7 Tests Rs. 549More Info

Latest Test’s That We Have To Offer Are As Follows :

Test NamesTest ParametersTest CostAction
Fasting Blood Sugar1 Test Rs. 100BOOK NOW
HBA1C1 Test Rs. 400BOOK NOW
Ferritin1 Test Rs. 400BOOK NOW
Calcium1 Test Rs. 200BOOK NOW
Testosterone1 Test Rs. 300BOOK NOW
PPBS1 Test Rs. 100BOOK NOW
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)1 Test Rs. 300BOOK NOW
Vitamin B12 Test1 Test Rs. 400BOOK NOW
Prolactin Test1 Test Rs. 225BOOK NOW
FT3 Test1 Test Rs. 200BOOK NOW
25 OH Vitamin D Total1 Test Rs. 400BOOK NOW
FT4 Test1 Test Rs. 200BOOK NOW
TSH Test1 Test Rs. 200BOOK NOW
beta Hcg1 Test Rs. 500BOOK NOW
Anti Mullerian Hormone1 Test Rs. 1000BOOK NOW
Rheumatoid Factor (RF)1 Test Rs. 500BOOK NOW
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)1 Test Rs. 200BOOK NOW
Carciono Embryonic Antigen ( CEA )1 Test Rs. 500BOOK NOW
Antithyroglobulin Antibody1 Test Rs. 800BOOK NOW
Progesterone1 Test Rs. 500BOOK NOW
Magnesium1 Test Rs. 200BOOK NOW
Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies (ACCP)1 Test Rs. 500BOOK NOW

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How our process works?

  • Customer books an appointment.He specifies his required date & time.
  • Our team calls you and confirm the order details.
  • Our lab technician arrives at your place .He collects blood sample & payment on the specified date.
  • The samples are send to our headquarter located in mumbai (on the same day )which does the testing of your blood sample.
  • After the testing our lab sends out the reports on your email id (1-1.5 working days).if hard copies are required customer is required to pay Rs.75 at the time of sample collection

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