Vitamin B12 Test ( 1 )

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Vitamin B12 is one of the eight of the Vitamin B complex, which is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood . It is normally involved in the metabolism, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, along with fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

It is exclusively synthesized by bacteria and is found primarily in meat, eggs and dairy products.

Fermented soya products, seaweeds and algae such as spirulina have all been documented to contain significant amount of B12. A common synthetic form of the vitamin; cynoalbumin, is used in many pharmaceutics, supplements and as well as food additive, due to its stability and lower cost. In the body, it is converted to the physiological forms.Methyl-cobalamine arxl adenosylcobalamin, leaving behind the cynide, albeit in minimal concentrations. Vitamin B12 can be stored in small amounts by the body. Total body store of vitamin B12 is 2-5 mg in adults, around 80% of which is stored in the liver. Vitamin B12 is excreted in the bile and is effectively reabsorbed, this is known as enterohepatic circulation.

Test Principle 

Estimation of vitamin B12 is done by direct chemiluminescent technology. In this method, the vitamin B12 present in the patient’s sample competes for a limited amount of purified intrinsic factor with vitamin B12 labeled with acridinium ester in the lite reagent. This purified factor is covalently coupled to paramagnetic particles on the solid please. Releasing Agent (sodium hydroxide) and DTT are used to release Vitamin B12.

vitamin b12 blood test

vitamin b12 blood test

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